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Ask a Techie! Phone Line vs Internet

Q: What is the difference if I plug my machine into the phone line or the internet, and which one is better?

jessicaValenzuela-velocity-merchant-services-vmsAnswered by Jessica

The difference is that if the terminal is connected to the phone line, the terminal is literally making a phone call out and dialing a phone number to get an authorization for the card that you are running. Compared to connecting the terminal to the internet, it’s way quicker since the terminal is not dialing a phone number for an authorization. Instead, it’s going thru a high speed cable/data line and using an IP address to get an authorization. Connecting the terminal to the internet makes processing a transaction few seconds quicker than the phone line.

So depending on the setup of your business, if you are able to connect to the internet, do so. We recommend it because it’s quicker and doesn’t affect the business phone line. Especially if you only have one phone line.

If you’ve only got one analog phone line, that line will be tied up while processing a transaction. A data/cable internet line allows you to take phone calls and run transactions simultaneously. But if internet is not available, the phone line is the next (and only) option left for the terminal. Both work great, just one of them is quicker.

dejavoo v8

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Ask A Techie!

Q: VeriFone Vx510 users: I’m swiping a credit card through my terminal but my screen’s not changing. What should I do?

Elisa S. Tech Support RepAnswered by Elisa
Don’t worry, we get this question all the time! Before you swipe the card, press your F3 button next to the VMS screen prompt. This will take you to your terminal’s main screen where you can then swipe your customer’s card and complete the transaction.

Just press F3 and swipe the card